在澳门电子游戏十大公司排行, 我们知道,有些学生经常被宽泛地分类. Healing happens differently for each indivudual so our approach varies for every student. 不过,目标始终是一样的. Students leave 查尔顿 able to independently self-regulate their behavior, 设定目标, 关心自己的智力和情感需求. 我们的综合行为策略导致情绪平衡, 清晰的自我, 以及可持续的健康习惯.

To us, behavior is a form of communication which we view as an invitation to help. We base each student’s program on an ongoing functional behavior assessment, monitoring progress and adjusting therapies and education as needed.

每个学生, we create a positive behavior support plan that rewards problem-solving, 让每个人对自己的行为和决定负责, 并支持社会的努力, 学术, 职业设置.

Residential treatment at 查尔顿 is integrated throughout a student’s entire day—from time spent in our residence cottages, 课堂体验, 从课外活动到, 当然, 广泛的临床干预.


澳门电子游戏十大公司排行, we focus on delivering the right treatment—one that’s individualized and customized specifically to the needs of each student. We base each student’s program on an ongoing functional behavior assessment, monitoring progress and enhancing or adjusting our therapies as necessary.

Students on 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 campus are typically struggling with:

  • 情绪调节
  • 附件的问题
  • 创伤
  • 症状性行为



“我们不是典型的住院治疗中心. We are a therapeutic learning community where students learn to trust and develop a positive sense of self.”

I have been a part of 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 since 2003 in the positions of Therapist, 临床主任,现在是执行主任. 我们的临床, 住宅, and educational staff are in constant collaboration to ensure that the efficacy of the highly individualized, 我们创造的治疗环境依然存在. 我们理解 the overwhelming feelings that come with sending your child away and the struggles that come with trying to explain this as a selfless act of love. This important process starts with new student admissions and is the reason why I remain a central part of our admissions team.

我们不是一般的住院治疗中心. We are a therapeutic learning community where students learn to trust and develop a positive sense of self. We often hear our program “has a feel” that is different than other experiences families have when touring other programs. 我鼓励你们, 家庭成员, and all professionals supporting your continued success to come and see us and see if you feel the same.

如果其他办法都用尽了, perhaps it is the right time for a 住宅 program and perhaps 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 is the place. 请随时给我打电话.



个人 & 团体治疗

Each student is involved in weekly therapy sessions with her assigned therapist. Students also participate in regular meetings with our 学校 心理学家 and psychiatrist.

积极行为支持计划, 药物的调整, and other modifications to a student’s treatment plan are addressed during various weekly clinical meetings that include the:

  • 临床研究小组
  • 儿童学习小组
  • 工作人员
  • 监督

Group therapy occurs weekly as well and includes discussions on self-exploration, 创伤对发展的影响, 自律, 情感管理, 艺术治疗, 马的治疗.


The faculty and therapists at 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 know that placement here is a difficult transition for the entire family. That’s why the family is expected to be involved in the change process while the student is residing at 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行. Family therapy usually includes bi-month family sessions on campus with encouragement to continue to resolve past issues and strengthen family relationships at home.

如果家庭不能参加校内家庭会议, arrangements are made to conduct family sessions via Google Meet videoconference or telephone.


Students and families are encouraged to participate in 查尔顿’s one-year, 自愿善后计划. Aftercare planning begins prior to discharge and is designed to provide support, 援助, and feedback to former 查尔顿 students in managing both daily living tasks and crises after discharge.

这种强烈的, one-year program is divided into four quarters and includes weekly phone calls and face-to-face visits in a variety of settings and circumstances—from home, 学校, 查尔顿, 从找工作到预约医生. 更多的



“Parents recognize 澳门电子游戏十大公司排行 model is less about penalizing girls and more about respecting girls for who and where they are when they come to 查尔顿.”



在转诊病人时, 我寻找的是基于循证治疗的标准护理, the flexibility to tailor a treatment program to each child and family, and a willingness to include and communicate with an outside psychiatrist. 查尔顿在这些方面都做得很好.”


“Since I was young, I have always known that this life damages us, everyone. 我们无法逃避这种损害. 但现在,我也明白了:我们是可以被修补的. 我们彼此修补.”


“查尔顿 is for students who are fragile and present with emotional issues such as depression, 双极紊乱, 焦虑, 还有人格障碍.”



我们的项目是一个治疗的缩影. Every interaction is a potential therapeutic intervention or mishap. Through this lens, the amount of ‘therapy’ a student receives can vary. Students formally participate in individual therapy a minimum of one hour per week, 每月两次家庭治疗, 还有每周两次的集体治疗. 有执照的治疗师和我们的咨询精神病医生, 心理学家, 学校辅导员提供这些更传统的治疗方法.


我们没有 have a model for treatment at 查尔顿 for a simple reason—as soon as we subscribe to one, 我们开始失去个性化的方法. We draw upon various models that result in customized treatments and encourage collaboration between our students and their families. Much of our understanding of a student’s struggles is informed by the research of Bessel van der Kolk, 医学博士和博士. 罗斯•格林.


我们没有. We draw on several concepts to assist with our ultimate goal of teaching students to independently self-regulate their emotions and behaviors. 经过多年对各种模型的反复试验, we have come to understand that committing to one model often dilutes the efficacy of our individualized approach.